Richmond District

View of ocean beach in the Richmond district
Exterior view of Richmond business, Devils Teeth
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A serene beachside village

Life in Richmond is a delight! The laid-back community is full of personality, friendly people, and fresh sea air. For a district sandwiched between Golden Gate Park, Land's End, and the Lincoln Park Golf Course, Outer Richmond packs the beach, plenty of green space, and a quaint village all into one charming place to live. The community is filled with gorgeous homes that hug the sloped streets - offering stunning views down the coast. 

Living in the Richmond District provides an authentic cultural experience with various ethnically diverse communities. The area has worldwide cuisines, including the Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant and the local Vietnamese favorite, Mr. Banh Mi. Balboa Street offers plenty of great restaurants and shops to explore. Grab a coffee at the Butterfly Joint or head to Butter Love Bakery for a chocolate croissant. 

For those seeking serenity and a connection with nature while still enjoying an urban lifestyle, Richmond provides all of those Marin-like qualities without leaving San Francisco. Here you will have access to the Pacific Ocean and one of the most picturesque spots in the city. Enjoy sandy strolls along Ocean Beach, walk Lands End trails to the Mile Rock and Seal Rocks beaches, or venture further down to China Beach or Baker Beach. 

As a Bay Area native and Richmond local, I have the inside track of this idyllic community's real estate market. If you are interested in buying or selling in the Richmond District, call me. I'll help you navigate the market with confidence!


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Favorite Features

  • Marin-like qualities without leaving San Francisco
  • Great local food & easy access to downtown 
  • Ocean Beach & the fresh salt-water air
  • Idyllic sunsets and stunning vistas
  • Golfing, beach volleyball, and surfing
  • The Bison and Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park
  • Historic Cliff House & Sutro Baths
  • Hike the woodsy trails of Lands End
  • Watch the boats entering the Bay from Eagles Point Lookout
  • Explore Mile Rock, China Beach, and Baker Beach

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Exterior view of Richmond business, Devils Teeth
Aerial view of Outer Richmond, showing Golden Gate Park, homes, and the ocean
View of two children standing near the Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park, featuring tulips in bloom
View of Sutro Baths and the ocean
View of a child jumping on the beach at twilight
View of the Golden Gate bridge as seen from Outer Richmond
Distant view of Sutro Baths, the ocean and waves
Aerial view of Golden Gate park as seen from the Outer Richmond neighborhood
Exterior view of Richmond business, The Butterfly Joint
View of the Pacific ocean and the Giant Camera destination in Richmond
View of street in Richmond, featuring a sign that says Balboa
View of Ocean Beach at sunset

Neighborhood homes